In creating a refined high-end blackcurrant cream liqueur, based on berries of incomparable quality from the Noir de Bourgogne variety, Mickael Antolin proposes a liqueur of excellence with contemporary character. As well as its authenticity, it is made special by the harmonious notes that are blended within it. Violet brings elegance and subtlety. Then there is the vanilla from Madagascar, recognized amongst the best in the World and adding a touch of delicacy. This entirely natural blackcurrant cream liqueur offers an exceptional and epic voyage of discovery to the lands of Flavor.


Nobility and refinement, such are the keywords that characterize this liqueur of distinction. Traditionally combined with white Burgundy or Champagne, Mickael Antolin confounds tradition and invites blackcurrant cream liqueur to be tasted in another way. In order to appreciate all the finesse of the flavors that are intertwined, you can serve it on its own on a bed of cubed ice; or add a hint of vodka, cognac or gin along with some crushed ice, to create a variety of delicious cocktails.